The fear never fades …


Over the past two weeks, I have had a real grumpy middle finger on my left hand.  Instinct tells me it is just arthritis.  For some unaccountable reason, persistent stinging got the best of my fragile confidence. … Continue reading

Day starts at 1 PM …

I have just had confirmed arthritis in the neck – yes I really do have a “pain in the neck” now and for every cartalege there seems to be hammers and knives going for it for each one.  Just… Continue reading

My Left Foot








Lately, my left ankle has been very painful and not improving.  I am hoping my new rehab work at the hydrotherapy pool and physiotherapy improves it. It all originates from having… Continue reading

Judy Bread Delish!

If you have read my book or followed my blog, you know that choosing healthy food was and remains a key ingredient in recovering and maintaining my health. My friend Barbs (BJ in my book) told me about a fabulous… Continue reading

X-rays of hope!

Yesterday, I traveled to Auckland for my yearly check up with x-rays of my lungs, arm and knees (from last years opperations) and every x-ray was perfect leaving Dr Gary French and I two very, very happy people!!

Roller Coaster

Five years ago on the 13th May 2007 Dr Gary French removed my tumour along with 3/4 of my radial and all my carpal bones. Replaced my radial with my Left Fibula inserting a titanium clamped with a bracket and… Continue reading

Having a bad day?

Guest post by Dr. Tom Palfi

Next time you think you are having a bad day, I suggest you read a few pages of Barbara’s book – hopefully you will soon realize that your day is not anywhere as… Continue reading

The sun would shine again.

When the swelling in my wrist was determined to be something much more serious than Arthritis the doctor warned me: “Be prepared to lose your arm.”

At first, I thought he was joking, but the look of his face and… Continue reading


Part of my action plan to defeat cancer included taking high-quality mineral and multivitamin supplements as well as a glyconutrient supplement. I was fully aware of the controversy surrounding the use of glyconutrient supplements in dealing with disease. My friend… Continue reading

In Training

February 28 I travel to Kinloch for Ironman week. My arthritis has restricted me to volunteering with registration and numbering. Much of my Ironman “training” is focused maintenance of my physical and emotional health. All of my last cancer screens… Continue reading