Kindle Edition of An Unshakable Belief Available!

The official release of the Kindle edition of my memoir, “An Unshakable Belief: Keeping the Ironman Dream”, is set for March 28 in the US. To help boost Amazon rankings, I encourage my US and European friends interested in this… Continue reading

Ironman 2012

As I drove to Taupo from my rented batch in Kinloch, I was thrilled by the anticipation of seeing Heather Bowen and Sue Mault; friends I had not seen since Ironman 2011. Volunteering to help at Ironman is… Continue reading

Taupo Paper Plus Book Launch

After an impulsive visit to a beauty and hair salon, I felt I could face the world. It reminded me of going to a “look good, feel good” beauty session while on chemo. If I looked my best, I… Continue reading

In Training

February 28 I travel to Kinloch for Ironman week. My arthritis has restricted me to volunteering with registration and numbering. Much of my Ironman “training” is focused maintenance of my physical and emotional health. All of my last cancer screens… Continue reading